Would you join Team GRIT?

The challenge before us is significant – reduce homelessness, cut crime, fix our roads – and restore the fabric of the community by uniting us as neighbors with a common goal of seeing Shasta County become the best, freest place in California. This will not be the effort of 1 person or even 5 supervisors. But together we can achieve this with grit. 

The next 9 months are not a vacation before taking office. They are an excellent opportunity to prepare for taking office, build relationships, bring the community along on a learning journey, and begin to make progress on these issues.

To do that, I’m launching Team GRIT:

  • Gather: We want to build community by making sure each neighborhood in District 4 is represented and heard. We’ll explore the idea of recruiting neighborhood captains and hosting regular block parties around district 4 to build community and hear from residents.
  • Research: We’re going to get into the details on what is currently happening in Shasta County (what programs/services are we offering, how much are we paying for them, where do we get the funds to pay for them, are they working) and what is working in other communities around the state and country.
  • Inform: One of my core values is bringing people along on my own learning journey. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government…” To this end, we’re going to continue sending weekly emails and posting on social media. We may also launch a podcast and do regular interviews with people doing interesting things in the community.
  • Transition: I want to spend these few months preparing to be effective as a supervisor. This involves figuring out how I’ll stay up to date on everything happening in the district, how I’ll know which events are happening and if I should attend, who I should talk to about all the various topics that may come up, what the team should look like, and coming up with a plan for engaging residents throughout my time as a supervisor. 

This is just a start! I want to do fun stuff that makes a difference. I would love help in each of these areas. Some of the help may involve one-time asks while others may be ongoing roles.

Team GRIT will meet the 2nd Thursday of each month from 5-6:30pm. Anyone can join these meetings. The first meeting took place on April 11. You can watch a recap of what was covered here:

 To join the Team, email me and we’ll add you to the list!