Why I Haven’t Asked for Endorsements

Conventional wisdom would tell you that candidates need 3 things to win an election: money, votes, and endorsements. So why haven’t I been asking for endorsements since I got into the race back in April?

The politics of affiliation.

When someone endorses a candidate, we immediately make assumptions about the candidate based on what we know about the person who endorsed the candidate. While this makes logical sense and it saves time, I didn’t and I don’t want your introduction to me to be through the lens of someone who chooses to endorse me.

I want you to get to know me directly – to understand how I think, how I approach a problem, how I respond in a difficult situation, how I set priorities, how I interact with people, and how I lead.

I also don’t want you to define me by the views of my supporters. We often assume that politicians will think and act the same way their supporters think and act because politicians frequently tell their supporters what they want to hear in order to win their support. I think this is wrong. I am committed to telling you what I truly believe and will do – even if I expect that you’ll disagree with me. I would rather leave you feeling you can trust me than leave you feeling I agree with you on every point.

At the same time, this doesn’t mean that I won’t listen or be influenced by your opinions. My job, as an elected official, would be to represent your perspectives. I need your input to come to the best decisions.

So what is my plan for endorsements? 

Rather than ask our community’s VIPs for endorsements and then share them out 1-by-1, I am asking all of you – everyone – to sign my list of public supporters. Once I have a significant number of supporters on the list, I will publish their names and their Shasta County district to a page on my website so you can see what I hope will end up being hundreds, if not thousands, of everyday people joining the race to change the leadership in our county and put us on a path to becoming the best us.

Will you sign my list of public supporters?

I know this can feel risky in a community increasingly impacted by the politics of retaliation, but standing up for what we believe is the only way to shift the culture. Even if you don’t live in Shasta County, I’d love to have you sign the list.