Why County Employee Groups are Supporting Me & Not Their Current Leader

With the business I started in Redding 7 years ago, I spend a lot of time training and coaching leaders on how to better manage their people. Why?

Leaders are key to building effective organizations, keeping great staff, and getting results. 50% of people have left a job to get away from a bad leader. As the head of the Gallup polling company says:

“The single biggest decision you make in your job—bigger than all the rest—is who you name manager. When you name the wrong person manager, nothing fixes that bad decision. Not compensation, not benefits—nothing.”

25 leaders have left 20 of the most senior positions in the county over the last 2 years. And many of the groups representing the employees who remain do not support the incumbent, Supervisor Jones.

These employee and local labor groups have endorsed me:

  • Shasta County Deputy District Attorneys’ Association
  • United Public Employees of California Local 792 (~1,000 county employees)
  • SEIU Local 2015 (long-term care workers)
  • Five Counties Central Labor Council
  • Northeastern California Building & Construction Trades Council
  • Plumbers, Pipefitting, & HVACR Technicians
  • Laborers Local 185 Construction & General Laborers

These groups represent thousands of Shasta County residents who are working hard in our community and their number 1 request was that I would be a listening ear for them.

They didn’t ask me to make any big promises.

In fact, I disagreed with some of these groups on several issues.

But they want a leader who will listen to their opinions, value their contributions, and work with them to make Shasta County the best, freest place in California.

Some may explain these staff departures and endorsements away, claiming Supervisor Jones is just “draining the swamp.” However, if a supervisor wants to get results in Shasta County that will last, he needs to win over the 2,000+ county employees, not alienate them.

The Board can only do so much. But 2,000 Shasta County employees all rowing in the same direction, bringing their best to work and held accountable to deliver results (see how) can rapidly make progress on homelessness, crime, mental illness, and potholes.

If elected, my goal will be to attract and retain the best talent and create an environment where we get the best work out of each employee.

If the Board wants to go fast, it can go alone. But if the Board wants to go far, it must go together.


Voting has started! Remember there will be no general election for this race. If you haven’t received your ballot, check your voter status and reach out to County Clerk to make sure you’re set up to vote. If you’re planning to vote for me (thank you!), can you let us know so we can check in with you closer to Election Day to see if you’ve voted? The last day to vote is March 5th.