What Will the Future of Shasta County Look Like?

I hope you all had a merry Christmas and are enjoying time with friends and family.

As we celebrate this season of hope, I thought it would be fitting to build our hope for Shasta County. To have hope, I find we need to paint a picture of what we would like to be true of Shasta County at some point in the future. The picture creates a target at which we can aim our beliefs and actions.

During these holidays, I’ve written out a message of hope that I believe paints an exciting picture of what we can believe for Shasta County to become:


We believe Shasta County will become a community:


With streets so safe we let our children explore the neighborhoods on their own,

With schools that inspire and equip our children to build healthy lives and contribute to society,

With quality jobs that enable all of us to build skills, careers, and wealth,

With housing options we all can afford to rent and then own,


A community where diseases are rare, bodies are strong and fit, and death is delayed,

Where anxiety and depression are replaced with joy and peace,

Where our families are places of safety and encouragement

And all of us have someone to call a friend


A community where natural beauty and landscapes are enjoyed, explored, and conserved,

Where water is abundant and clean, and wildfires are rare and controlled,

Where we all can enjoy the fun of downtown, the freedom of a rural lifestyle, and the connections of a small town,

Where the lines between enemies and friends disappear and we all come together to build a community our children and grandchildren want to call home


If you like this, I’d encourage you to reflect on it every so often and share it with others.

If you think some things are missing or have different ideas, write them down and please share them with me. I’d love to get a glimpse of your picture of the future of Shasta County.