The One Thing Everyone Agrees On

In 11 months of campaigning, I haven’t found a single person who doesn’t agree that we need to hold the government accountable to deliver results for the community.

Every single person wants results.

The only way to make this happen is to hold our elected officials accountable to deliver results.

Here are Supervisor Jones’ results:

  • Homelessness: Increased by 200 people in 1 year
  • Crime: Increased 18% in 3 cities in 1 year
  • Jail: 1/3 closed for over 1 year, no new jail
  • Mental Health: Highest suicide rate in state
  • Roads: 7th worst in state, 50 out of 100
  • Kids: Childhood trauma rate 2.5x state average

You’ll always be able to come up with excuses why poor results aren’t an elected official’s fault – but every time we do, we miss another opportunity to hold our government accountable to deliver results and we continue the cycle of government underperformance.

It’s time for new leadership that focuses on delivering real results for Shasta County and holding the government accountable to do so.

I’d be honored to earn your vote by tomorrow (Tuesday 3/5). If you need any help getting your vote in, please let us know or refer to these 4 ways to vote.