Thank You Shasta County! Closing Thoughts on the Campaign

With 75-80% of the ballots counted, we currently have a very large lead of 61.5% of the vote! While we’ll likely get another update on Friday, at this point, it would be very difficult for the outcome of this election to change.

Thank you for getting behind a simple, but critical vision of holding the government accountable to reduce homeless, cut crime, and fix our roads.

If you didn’t vote me, no problem! I would love for you to join our cause to make progress on the challenges we can all agree exist. It will take all of us.

I wrapped up this campaign last Wednesday with a 12-min speech, thanking the many who contributed so much, calling out the things we tried to do differently than politics as usual, and offering a closing thought on where we go from here. You can listen to it here:

Assuming the election results remain in our favor, where do we go from here?

We put our heads down and get to work on the key issues we have been talking about for the last 11 months. I’m going to keep learning and building relationships with county staff, local leaders, and Shasta County residents like you.

Here is what you can expect from me for the next few months after a 1-2 week break:

  • Weekly emails with insights into what I’m learning and requests for your input (invite others to subscribe to this email)
  • Regular social media posts with updates on what I’m learning & doing (follow me on Instagram or Facebook)
  • Monthly pop-in events throughout D4
  • Door knocking 2x/month of about 100 doors/month

The best days for Shasta County are ahead of us. We will make tremendous progress on the challenges we’re facing and make Shasta County the best, freest place in California!

Shasta Rising!