List of Public Supporters

Put your support behind our effort to help Shasta County become the best us

A Different Approach to Endorsements

Rather than ask our community’s elites for endorsements and then share them out 1-by-1, I am asking all of you – everyone – to sign my list of public supporters.

While I’m running for District 4 Supervisor, I am running to represent the whole county – so I’d love your support even if you’re not in my district or even not in our county. Anyone can sign!

Thank you for your support! Your support may be utilized for campaign marketing purposes, such as social media, videos, and press. Any personal information collected will be used solely by the campaign team for potential contact and will not be shared with third parties.


Paul Abbott: Community development leader
Ursula Antonik-Buxton: LMFT Therapist
John Berry: Law Enforcement (Retired)
David Blancett: Retired
Case Blanken: Owner, ECS
Greg Bondy: Developer
Kristina Brace: District 4 resident
John Brace: Arborist/Landscaper
Edmund Brewer: Retired
Cynthia Brooks: Law Office Manager
Maureen Chenoweth: Retired
Stacey Clarke: Business Development Representative
Michael Coffey: Retired
John Corless: Structural Engineer
Susan Courtemanche: Case Worker/Educator
Darell Craighead: Senior IT Systems Engineer
Bruce Dean: Owner, Black Bear Diner
Tommy Deuschle: Entrepreneur
Betty Dickerson: Retired
John Dougherty: Retired
Brad Everett: Communications Director
John Ewan: Retired/Past chair CSA#2, Sugarloaf water service area
Jennifer Finnegan: Nonprofit financial management
Bill And Mary Fratus: Retired
Deanna Gallagher: Non Profit Director
Slade Giles: Healthcare/Biotech Entrepreneur
Laura Griffis: Retired
Katy Harkins: Retired Teacher
Charlie Harper: Semi-retired church administrator
Penny Harris: Retired Public School Teacher
Daryl Harris: Retired public school teacher
Ken & Nathalie Hatch: Administrator/Manager
John Hayden: Retired Attorney
Dennis Heiman: (Retired) CA Regional Water Quality Control Board / (Current) Board president of the Western Shasta Resourced Conservation District
Jim Heinze: Retired pastor
Eric Hess: Owner/CFO Social Work Agency
Robert Hollen: Retired math/physics high school teacher and optical engineer
Linda Homuth-Cannar: Bicyclist and concerned Shasta County resident
Brandy Isola: Healthcare Quality Advisor
Bridgette Jacobsen: Teacher
Patte Jelavich: Realtor
David Johnson: Retired/Active volunteer
Shelby Jones: Clinical Social Worker
Carinne Kent: Retired
Bill Kent: Retired Fire Captain
Jean King: Retired
Kay Kobe: Doctor of Chiropractic
Ed Kornowski: Teacher – Retired
Demetra & James Kristensen: Retired
Dan Kupsky: Retired Law Enforcement
Sam Larobardiere: Owner of Theory Coffee

United Public Employees of California (UPEC)
SEIU 2015 (Shasta County’s long term caregivers)
Shasta County Deputy District Attorneys’ Association
Northeastern California Building & Construction Trades Council

Danielle Larkin: Accounting
Danny Lee: Business owner
Kaitlyn Maddox: Therapist
Linda Masterson: Retired executive
Linda Matias: Retired School Administrator
Annie Melcher: Teacher
Michelle Mciver: Owner
Richard Mckenzie: Retired (D4 Resident since 1989)
John Miller: Retired
Joe Dokes: Drug prevention organiztion Co-Director
Stephen W. Morgan: Former D4 Supervisor, Retired, Dept. of Defense
J Morrissey: Retired
Martin Moseley: Small business owner
Bob Nash: Nash Ranch
Judd Nelson: Husband/Father
Tom Orr: Retired Dean, Shasta College and Retired Veteran, US Army
Emily Parker: Operations Manager
Lynne Pearson: Retired Teacher
Jennifer Pedrotti: Retired
Michael Pohlmeyer: Retired Financial Advisor
Patricia Pratt: Retired County
Suzette Reynolds: Hairstylist
Donna Ritchie: Retired
Elizabeth Robinett: Notary Public / Loan Signing Agent
Heather Robinson: Kids Ministry Coordinator
Sarah Rowley: Retired
Linda Russell: Retired
Teresa Rust:
Brad Rust: Scientist
Brandy Savory: Property Management
Jeremy Savory: Falconer
Kathleen Saxton: Teacher
Larry Schaller: Retired Public Safety Officer
Jason Schurig:
Dj Shooter: Business owner
David Short: Retired Family Physician
Darell Stockton-Lewis
Eric Stoxen: Network Engineer
Patrick Stone: Retired
Ellen Stroud: RN/Health Consultant
Terry Swanson: Retired
Mark D. Telles: Retired Shasta County school dist. superintendent & High School principal
Jerry Thacker: Retired Public Health Manager
Michael Thomas: Retired Redding Police Sergeant
Anne Turnage: Retired nurse
Lisa VonderHaar: Retired
Mark Vorous: Retired
Leanne Westphal: Retired Educator, Community Volunteer/activist
John Whittenberger: Retired
Andi Winters: Retired
Gregory Winters: Attorney
Dominic Zarecki: Director of Data, Analytics, and Strategy