My Answers to 8 Questions at the Shasta GOP Candidate Forum

As you may have seen or read in my email, last Wednesday night was the first candidate forum for the upcoming county supervisor elections. It was a great opportunity to begin to see the differences between candidates.

Unfortunately, my opponent (the current incumbent) did not show. They said he was sick.

You can watch the full hourlong replay below, which includes my responses as well as the responses from 3 supervisor candidates running for other districts.

Here are the 8 questions I was asked during the forum:

  1. What is a priority issue for you that hasn’t already been determined by a board vote?
  2. What is another priority?
  3. Which county department is doing a good job?
  4. Which county department most interests you and would benefit most from your expertise?
  5. What would you propose if you knew you could achieve a 5-0 vote from the board?
  6. What is your analysis of the proposal for Shasta County to become a charter county?
  7. Will you take money from the marijuana industry for your campaign?
  8. What would you ask the other candidates to answer?

You can skip ahead to the question(s) that interest you.

What questions would you like to ask me? Email me at or call me at 530-691-0434 to share your questions.