The Experience to Lead

Business owner. Nonprofit advisor. Critical thinking trainer. Experienced campaign manager.

Matt understands the power and potential of rural communities.

Matt grew up in a small rural town, mowing lawns and painting fences at the nearby horse farm. The town he grew up in was just one square mile big and his K-8 school had just 16-18 kids per class. And yet, Califon had a reputation for being an amazing community, excellent in academics, and strong in athletics. 

When Matt, his wife, and daughters moved to Redding about 7 years ago, the rural beauty and outdoor adventures available made it quickly feel like home. Matt and his family spend most weekends swimming in creeks or lakes or hiking on a new trail. He has summitted Mt. Shasta twice, Mt. Lassen several times, spent the night at the top of Castle Crags several times, and summitted Mt. Whitney. 

He sits on the Western Shasta Resource Conservation District Board where he gets to put his love for our region to work in a practical way. 

Matt understands how to help organizations

Six years ago, Matt started a company in Redding to help companies, nonprofits, and government agencies and their employees become more effective and efficient. Today, he trains organizations on productivity/efficiency, critical thinking/problem solving, people management, and retention/resilience. 

For example, he helped a nonprofit reduce a burnout problem that was causing many of their best leaders to leave the organization. He helped an energy association develop a 5-year plan to significantly increase their impact. He taught scientists how to design and conduct more effective evaluations of government programs.

Matt’s work on helping organizations run well is published in Harvard Business Review, Inc, and on his company’s website.

Matt understands state and local political issues and opportunities

Over the last few years, Matt has helped manage 3 statewide campaigns, was county chair for a ballot measure on school choice, and managed a Redding city council campaign. During these campaigns, Matt traveled to 38 of California’s 58 counties, hearing from residents and local leaders on the key issues they were facing.

Part of his role in these campaigns was to analyze existing policies and recommend policy positions for the candidates. He spoke with those working on these issues and then drafted communications for the candidates.

Matt understands how to make social services effective

Whether or not you like that our county government delivers social service, the current reality is that they are the biggest provider of such services in the region. As a result, we should make sure they are effective. 

After school, Matt joined an organization that helps some of the world’s leading nonprofits figure out if their programs worked and if they did, how to grow them to benefit more people. For example, he developed 10-year plans for organizations that won them $100 million dollars from funders and restructured community-focused organizations to make them effective. 

During his time there, he published insights on how to ensure such programs make a difference in the community in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Harvard Business Review, and Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Matt understands the importance of family

Heatlhy families are key to any great community. Matt and his wife are raising 3 girls who are currently in elementary school. His wife, Cassie, teaches at public charter school, Redding School of the Arts, where his girls go to school. This past year, he had the opportunity to spend mornings with his youngest before taking her to pre-school each morning. He has coached their basketball and baseball teams.

Matt’s Experience

  • Nonprofit consultant at leading nonprofit advisory organization
  • Founder/CEO of company that trains companies, nonprofits, and government agencies
  • Campaign manager for statewide, county, and city political candidates
  • Leadership Redding Alumni
  • Western Shasta Resource Conservation District, Board Member
  • Shasta County Men’s Advisory Group for Mental Health, Participant
  • HOPE City, Board Member (local nonprofit serving youth experiencing trauma)

Matt’s Values

  • Uphold and defend the state and federal Constitutions
  • Make progress on the challenges we all agree exist
  • Preserve personal liberties, especially those in the 1st and 2nd amendments
  • Use critical thinking, data, and evidence to make decisions
  • Foster a workplace culture that attracts and retains the best talent
  • Make Shasta County the most effective, efficient government in the state
  • Create support for our way of life through excellence and honor
  • Prioritize long-term progress over short-term band aid fixes 
  • Represent all people, not just one political group