How New Leadership for Shasta County Will Be Different

Voting season is almost upon us. Next week you’ll receive your County Voter Information Guide and February 5th you’ll receive your ballot.

Last week, I started a series of emails focused on “The Case for New Leadership.” I explained 12 reasons why we need new leadership.

This week, I want to explain how I’ll lead differently from the incumbent:

  1. I will show up in your community and be part of your events, your volunteer opportunities, and your challenges (often with my wife and 3 girls)
  2. I will respond to your emails, calls, and texts within 48 hours
  3. I will seek out conversation with those who disagree with me
  4. I will maintain open communication with all county employees and unions
  5. I will walk neighborhoods, knock on doors, and ask you how the county could better serve you
  6. I will host town halls before votes on contentious issues so I can hear from you, you can hear my thinking, and we can hear from voices on both sides of the issues
  7. I will base my decisions on data, in-depth analysis, and the consideration of multiple perspectives
  8. I will tell the truth and if I make a mistake and don’t, I will apologize and correct the record
  9. I will honor, not insult, those speaking during public comment, even if I don’t agree with what they are saying
  10. I will build a working relationship with each supervisor, meeting 1-on-1 with each monthly
  11. I will hold myself and county staff accountable to make progress on our key challenges
  12. I will build a working relationship with the state and work to influence them, even though I often disagree with them

One thing I’ve learned from training leaders at companies, nonprofits, and government agencies is that how you lead is as important as where you lead. How you lead creates culture. Culture is the invisible force that determines what people do when no one is watching, whether people wake up excited to go to work, and how people react when their work gets difficult.

Yesterday, I happened to knock on the door of a county employee. He told me he was rooting for me, that they really need new leadership… but that he couldn’t publicly support me — or my opponent would fire him.

That is a culture of retaliation and intimidation – and it must end. We need new leadership.