Creating a Culture of Respect and Collaboration

Since I began this campaign in April, I’ve talked about 3 priorities:

  1. Making progress on the challenges we can all agree exist (like crime and homelessness)
  2. Making the county government effective and accountable
  3. Creating a culture of respect and collaboration


On this 3rd priority, I’ve talked about the responsibility of leadership to set the culture and described how I would have responded differently than our current Board Chair in one particular instance.

To really unpack this issue and understand what has worked in the hardest scenarios (think Iraq War and Israel/Palestine conflict), I sat down with friend, former CIA Officer and Middle East peace builder, Janessa Gans Wilder, to get her thoughts on how we can create a culture of respect and collaboration here in Shasta County.

(It’s a long conversation, but I’ve included a table of contents in the video description.)



It’s time we change the political culture in Shasta County so that we can work together to make real progress on the challenges we all agree exist. I think you’ll find some practical guidance in Janessa’s recommendations.

How do you think we should address the divisiveness and hostility dominating our politics today?