Our Best Days are Ahead

We will make tremendous progress on the challenges we’re facing and make Shasta County the best, freest place in California!

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Join Community Discussion on the Proposed Jail Sales Tax Increase 6/13 5-6:30pm at 1441 Trinity St.

My Priorities

My top priority is to deliver real results that impact our everyday lives, starting with these 3 areas:

Reduce Homelessness: The number of homeless in our community has grown from ~300 in 2007 to over 1,000. The camps, garbage, drugs, and crime are threatening the community’s ability to safely enjoy this beautiful area and causing long-time residents to leave. Other communities are getting to 0 homeless. We must make progress as soon as possible by copying what is working elsewhere, addressing mental illness and addiction, and adopting an approach that combines accountability with compassion. Read my plan.

Cut Crime: Crime went up 18% in the county’s 3 cities from 2021 to 2022. Redding has the same violent crime rate as San Francisco. And through this, 1/3 of our jail remained closed for over a year, causing us to release criminals onto the streets. We must fix the staffing problems that caused the jail floor to close, increase accountability for criminal behavior, and do a better job of getting those who commit minor crimes onto a different path. Read my plan.

Fix Our Roads: Our roads rank 7th worst in the state, scoring an average of 50 out of 100. The county hasn’t set aside enough money to get our failing roads up to par, so it lets less-traveled roads get worse and worse. It’s time we get our roads in good shape. Read my plan.

Have a different set of priorities? I want to hear them. Please share here. 

The Experience to Lead

Matt grew up in a small rural town, mowing lawns and painting fences at the nearby horse farm. After school, Matt joined an organization that helped some of the world’s leading nonprofits figure out if their programs worked and if they did, how to grow them to benefit more people.

In Redding, Matt started his own company training companies, government agencies, and nonprofits to be more efficient, productive, and to use critical thinking skills to make better decisions.

Over the last few years, Matt has helped manage 3 statewide campaigns, was county chair for a ballot measure on school choice, and managed a Redding city council campaign.

Matt has the experience and skills to help us seize our time to lead. He understands the power of rural communities. He understands what it takes to evaluate social programs, weed out the ineffective ones, and grow the great ones. He understands what it takes to get our fiscal house in order and make our county government run effectively and efficiently. He understands the failures of Sacramento and what we need to do differently.

My Core Values

Shasta County is headed down a dangerous path of hostility and division that is undermining our ability to make progress on the challenges we can all agree exist. To change this, our leaders must change how they lead.

I’ve anchored my campaign in these values because I believe it is the right way to lead and it offers a reversal to the current decline in our culture:

I will talk with anyone.

I will hold myself accountable to make progress on the challenges we all agree exist.

I will debate ideas and actions, not insult people. 

I will seek out views that differ from my own.

I will build relationships with those I disagree with.

I will work to earn the support of all people in Shasta County.

My Commitment to You

I commit to take these actions if elected:

Walk communities in my district at least once a month, knocking on doors and asking how the county can better serve you.

Respond to all private messages, phone calls, texts, or emails within 48 hours.

Show up at important community events in each community in my district and be part of your community

Explain my reasons for any vote I make to anyone who asks.

Work to fix the smallest problems you have with the county because I understand that small problems for the county can make a big difference for you – and solving small problems prepares us to solve big problems.

Host town hall meetings before significant, divisive board votes to gather your input and share my thoughts.

Will You Join Team GRIT?

The next 9 months are not a vacation before taking office. They are an excellent opportunity to prepare for taking office, build relationships, bring the community along on a learning journey, and begin to make progress on these issues.

To do that, I’m launching Team GRIT (Gather, Research, Inform, Transition). We’ll have our first interest meeting April 11th 5-6:30pm location TBA.